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Cultural and Religious Factors Affecting Custody Evaluations

Presented by Martin E Friedlander, Esq. and Dr. Tzvi Joseph Weinreb

This program will help practitioners understand and manage the religious and cultural issues that may arise in a custody matter, including the applicable law and recent court decisions. Taught by a matrimonial attorney and forensic psychologist, this course will discuss both the legal and mental health concerns and perspectives involved, as well as the weight that the court and forensic evaluator give to these factors in custody evaluations.

The presenters will also introduce fact patterns and use these factors to analyze the important considerations and potential outcomes.



Every Child is Worth Saving: Parental Capacity Assessments

Martin E. Friedlander, Esq. and Dr. Abe Worenklein presented on issues regarding abuse, neglect, guardianship, adoption and custody matters affecting parental capacity.


Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Regional Conference

Beneath the Surface of High Conflict and Troubled Families Cultural and Religious Factors in Custody Evaluations


New York County Lawyers Association

The Impact and Application of Cultural Issues in Custody Determinations and Awards


New York County Lawyers Association

Surveillance and Computer Cloning: Practical Information Every Attorney Needs to Know Martin E. Friedlander, Esq. was the program chair and moderator for the NYCLA Lawyers Association event.

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Nefesh International Conference

Martin E. Friedlander, Esq. presented at the 19th annual CLE at Nefesh International on the Forensic Evaluators role and their in a custody proceeding.   


Laws of Arbitration as it Relates to Rabbinical Court

Martin E. Friedlander, Esq. presented a CLE on the laws of Arbitration when dealing with the Rabbinical Courts 

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