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We pride ourselves on giving every client our complete attention when they come to us with a legal matter. Your experience with our firm will feel personalized to you.

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Renowned For Our Experience

We have over twenty five years of experience in prenuptial, divorce, child support/maintenance, and arbitration/mediation work.

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Child Custody Battles

When a divorce involves children, it can often get very heated and very ugly when it comes to agreeing on custody. We have vast experience in negotiating custody agreements that will serve the child and the parents in the best manner.

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When Experience Matters

If you're looking for compassionate, professional, yet aggressive representation in your New York legal matter, Martin Friedlander, PC is the firm for you.

The Firm

Martin E. Friedlander, the principal of Martin Friedlander, PC, as well as our staff of attorneys, specializes in Family and Matrimonial Law. The firm is renowned for its personalized attention to each client and its prompt response to all queries. The firm handles all aspects of complex litigation, from efforts to resolve matters amicably to Appellate work. Our attorneys have appeared in all Courts in New York City as well as Nassau County. They have appeared and argued cases before the First, Second and Third Departments of the Appellate Division of the State of New York. The firm has been involved in many cases that have been printed by State reporters as well as featured in the New York Law Journal. Referrals are available to all areas of law. We are proficient in all areas of Mediation and Arbitration.

Practice Areas



When it's time for you to dissolve a marriage, we will work hard to negotiate a reasonable settlement. If that's not possible, we will find creative litigation to obtain the best results.


Separation Agreements

Sometimes partners need to take a step back from the marriage but they're not ready to dissolve it completely. We can help draw up a separation agreement that will protect both parties.


Prenuptial and Postnuptial

Planning for the future is important, and these agreements can outline what will happen to a couple's assets if things do not go as hoped.


Child Support/Maintenance

We review all financial documents relating to child support to determine child support obligations, and we can advise any changes as needs change over time.


Child Custody

Often the most difficult issue in a divorce, child custody can be contentious. We will promote the child's best interest and consider parental fitness, family dynamics, and developmental needs of the child.


Apellate Work

When a case is decided, sometimes one party will believe that it was wrongly decided and want to file an appeal. We have extensive experience in representing clients in appellate court.



Clients might want to try mediation/arbitration rather than litigation. We can facilitate this and make sure both parties' legal rights are protected.

Recent Case Results

  • Our firm represented the Plaintiff-Father who sought  a change in custody after the Defendant-Mother violated Court-ordered visitation and was convicted of conspiring to bribe a former judge to render a favorable custody ruling. Read On

  • By: M. B., Plaintiff v. S. P., Defendant, 53670/11 ATTORNEYS: Plaintiff's Counsel: Marti Martin E. Friedlander, PC.Defendant's Counsel: Franklyn H. Snitow, Esq., Snitow, Kaufer, Holtzer and Millus, PC Attorney for the Children: Rhonda Weir, Esq. Cite as: M. B. v. S. P., 53670/11, NYLJ 120254810... Read On

  • A husband who obtained a divorce or “Get” from a rabbinical court in Israel -and persuaded legal authorities there to forbid his wife from leaving Israel unless she submitted to the court's authority-has been fined $10,000 and assessed more than $12,000 to pay his wife's attorney fees and expense... Read On


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    Anyone who said money can't buy happiness did not pay for my divorce or have my divorce attorney Read On

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    Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to helping me get out and protect my son. Thank you for your patience. Read On

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    You saved my life! Read On

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