Marriage During the Time of Corona

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Marriage During the Time of Corona: In this article, featured in Hamodia Prime Magazine,  Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R, and I delve into how COVID newlyweds are coping during this pandemic. The article provides psychological guidelines for COVID couples and concerned family members and a legal ...


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Rule #1: Give Yourself TimeYou are going through a lot, and it is going to take some time torecover. Don't listen to people who urge you to “just get over it.” You'll getover it in your own time. Most people start to recover from a divorce inabout a year or so. Some people require a lot longer. ...


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YOUR DIVORCE RULE BOOK  1:01 Reducing Chaos  Divorce creates chaos. The chaos is caused by changes in residences, self-perceptions, finances, social relationships, and parenting. The rule book by which you have been living your life has been destroyed.  When this happens, you may find ...

This is not for me anymore!

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In a recent blog post for Nefesh International, Martin Friedlander, Esq. discusses the issue of when children are placed in a religious conflict during a divorce proceeding when one parent is no longer observant. Click here to read the full blog post.

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