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Hamodia Prime News Magazine


Marriage During the Time of Corona.

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Marriage During the Time of Corona
Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly

Can We Find a Better Way To Do Divorce?


Can a new push for a halachically compatible prenup put an end to the tragedy of agunos and often vicious divorce proceedings that drag on endlessly, causing untold pain and hurt?

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The Jewish Press Article on the Yashar Coaltion Symposium

This article covers the Yashar Coalition's first ever symposium event in which attorneys, Rabbinical leaders and Laymen from around the world got together to discuss the issue of Agunot (chained spouses)

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Jerusalem Post Article on Yashar Coaltion 

This Jerusalem Post article covers the debut of the Yashar Coalition at the 2015 Tahel Conference in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Arutz Sheva TV Covers the Yashar Coalition at the December, 2015 Tahel Conference

Arutz Sheva TV interviews Martin Friedlander, Esq. on the Yashar Coaliton

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LAS Alum Speaks at Conference in Israel on Confronting Violence and Abuse

Martin Friedlander, Esq. was invited to present to professionals, rabbis, and educators about combating violence and sexual abuse in the Orthodox community

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