Daniella R. Presser attended Excelsior College for her undergraduate education and graduated with a major in Liberal Arts and a minor in Judaic Studies in 2018. Daniella continued her education with the pursuit of her Juris Doctor degree from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, graduating in May of 2021. Daniella was the recipient of the Pace Merit Scholarship and the Dean's List award for Academic Achievement for the Spring of 2021.

Daniella has comprehensive experience with a wide range of legal sectors, including but not limited to environmental law, civil rights litigation, tax law, and matrimonial law. Daniella gained first-hand and fundamental experience, during her first year of law school, with an internship at TeaTown Nature Preservation, where she spent her time drafting and reviewing policies and documents in areas such as property, land use, and environmental law. Thereafter, during her second and third years of her legal education, Daniella interned at Newman Ferrara LLP, where she was approved to complete a Semester in Practice, specializing in the representation and preservation of civil rights, by way of preparing and reviewing legal documents such as arguments for motions, summary reports, extensive legal research including relevant case law and statutes, and ample evidentiary review. Additionally, Daniella took part in a collaborative Pace Law Review project, “Reflections on Feminism Law & Culture: Law Students Perspectives”, a collective reflection on feminism, law and culture. During law school, Daniella Co-Founded the Association of Civic Engagement (“ACE”) at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, to give students a forum to engage in conversation regarding civics and politics in a hands-on and bipartisan manner, and to provide a safe and educational forum for discussion and clarification on current events in the legal context.

Daniella also dedicated ample time to obtaining additional certification in Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (“VITA”) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (“TCE”). As a result, Daniella has both experience and a comprehensive understanding of the tax laws pertinent to a matrimonial dissolution and namely the distribution of and transfer of property. Daniella is heavily involved and deeply interested in the “get” movement, advocating for the granting and receiving of a religious divorce in addition to a civil divorce. Daniella has extensive experience researching all areas of child custody and property distribution as well as drafting all court documents, motion papers, and agreements incumbent to the matrimonial sector of law. Daniella has been a member of Martin E. Friedlander, as a matrimonial associate, since June of 2022.