6 Good Reasons to Settle Your Divorce Rather Than have a Trial

Posted by Martin E. FriedlanderJul 30, 20190 Comments

Why settle your divorce rather than have a trial? Listed below is 6 good reasons:
  1. To avoid the cost of a trial – the cost in dollars, the cost in time, and the emotional toll that cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.
  2. To have control over the outcome. A settlement can give you some control over the outcome of your divorce and allow you to move forward knowing that you, and not a stranger, decided how your life would proceed after your divorce.
  3. To have certainty about the outcome. If you go to trial, you never know how the judge will decide your case. The judge's decision may please neither of you.
  4. To increase the chances that you and your spouse will abide by the settlement. People who are actively involved in the settlement of their divorce are far more likely to abide by the terms they have agreed upon.
  5. To avoid a costly return to court for post-divorce litigation. People who have assumed a significant role in their divorce settlement are more invested in achieving successful, non-confrontational outcomes, than those who have had their future imposed on them by the court.
  6. To foster a good post-divorce working relationship: zfor co-parenting your children.
Even though your marriage is over, unfortunately, you and your former spouse will be forever linked by your children. A“scorched earth” approach to the divorce will only poison the deep well that you two will draw from for the rest of your lives.