Expanding the Definition of Domestic Violence

Posted by Martin E. FriedlanderOct 23, 20230 Comments

This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I think there has come a time to expand on the definition of domestic violence, beyond the primary act of physical abuse. While physical abuse is obviously domestic violence, people who are inflicted upon must be protected from all forms of this violence and abuse. I believe it is time that we expand the definition of domestic violence to coercive control by either side against the other, using various forms of emotional and even religious abuse and control.
Issues like withholding a Jewish divorce (Get) or any religious divorce, should be included in the definition of domestic violence. There should be no boundaries between the affliction of domestic violence in any form, including emotional and coercive control. We should start moving in that direction so that the definition can be further expanded, and more people properly protected by the gamut and laws of the court.
For a more in-depth analysis of this issue of coercive control and its implementation in religious divorce, please contact my office.