AFCC 56th ANNUAL CONFERENCE:May 29-June 1, 2019 Westin Harbour Castle Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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International Jurisdictional Disputes: The Challenges of International Relocation and the Risk of Abduction 

This workshop will be presenting an interdisciplinary perspective on the complex issue of international relocations by taking an in-depth look at the mechanisms used to resolve these disputes (Hague Convention); the loopholes used to surmount them (e.g., concepts such as “age and degree of maturity of the subject child”), the particular risks of these cases (abductions); the factors that have an impact on international relocations (e.g., cultural and geographical factors); and the various parties' biases in approaching these evaluations.
Martin E.Friedlander, JD, New York, NY
Alberto A. Yohananoff, Ph.D., New York, NY
Hon. Douglas Hoffman, New York Supreme Court, New York, NY Shaknes, JD, McLaughlin & Stern, LLP, New York, NY